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Sara de Vries

About Me

I have been around horses for over 40 years and never not been horse & pony mad! I spent my early childhood with Muppy, my first pony, a little section A Welsh Mountain Pony; we were always riding and attending shows. He was a great friend until the day he died at the age of 30! He got me smitten and I have not been without horses in my life since!

As I was out growing my pony my parents bought me ‘Bournie’, a 14h 2” Welsh Section D, who sadly died in 2010 at the grand old age of 36! He was another great teacher and trusted friend.

Along came an office career, but there was always something missing.

As my 2 horses were getting older I wanted to find my next partner ... along came Barzan. With a very high spirit, strong innate characteristics and spooky nature – someone had to change their ways! 

In 1999 I started my natural horsemanship journey and in 2002 I started the Parelli program and then becoming an Instructor. For me a natural approach is an idea way to be with horses.

Barzan was a very difficult horse and he needed an extremely skilled person not a person that was in the process of developing their self. I needed to have a horse that wasn't so extreme in behaviour .... and then came Forever – what a partner he has been. An IDxTB dominant chap, he has really enabled me to progress and live my dream.  

Then some time down the road I 'inherited' from a very good friend of mine Nike, an Irish Sports horse. Nike has developed beyond what I could have only dreamt of. 

In July 2013 the amazing William arrived, a 4 year old American Quarter Horse. He is a real dude and I am sure thinks he is royalty!

Then in September 2015 Phoebe came into my life. A black 2 year old filly, TBxNF. She is a real dominant diva.  

For me, horses are my way of life!

I am based in Kent, near the Kent Show Ground and travel all over the South East. I am excited about being able to help people with their horses and helping goals and dreams becoming real life.

If you would like to help to improve your ground and/or ridden skills and start having fun with your horse then please give me a call.